Family Business Advisory Services

Our Approach [G.C.D™]

Our Family business advisory services focus on providing guidance and support to family-owned businesses during transition and growth. These services aim to help family businesses navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating a business within a family dynamic. Our unique value-proposition includes strategic planning, governance structures, young GEN development, family business coaching, succession planning, and other tailored solutions to help the family business thrive and succeed across generations.

Building Legacy and Prosperity for Family Enterprises

Family Business Governance
Family Business Coaching
Young GEN Development

Family Business Governance

We understand that family businesses face unique governance challenges due to the overlap of family and business dynamics. Our team has extensive experience working with family businesses to develop customized governance structures that promote effective decision-making, clear communication, and conflict resolution. The governance framework includes:

  • Shareholders agreement
  • Family counsel
  • Functional family business units

Family Business Coaching

Business success starts with having a clear roadmap of continuity from within the business and family officers alike. Our tailored career/succession planning is centered around finding common ground between strategic business drivers and personal desires, needs and motives. We help map and tailor the ongoing development and career progression of each member within the family from founder generation into younger generation.


Young GEN Development

Crafting the optimal strategy for today to secure a prosperous future for your business and family tomorrow. Our personalized educational and vocational programs are informed by cutting-edge data analytics to pinpoint individual strengths and areas for improvement. This precision ensures a perfect alignment between the unique needs of each family member and the overarching goals of the family business.